About American Health Group

  Warren Eckles, M.D.
Chairman and CEO

As a physician and entrepreneur, Warren Eckles, M.D., founded American Health Group with a singular mission: create a healthcare management company committed to delivering world-class cost control to self-insured American companies. American Health Group's operating philosophy is to provide complete and accurate financial transparency about healthcare benefit transactions to Fortune 1000 companies. This transparency is a critical component and missing in today's market for managing health benefits. With 20 years experience in healthcare management and innovation, Dr. Eckles directs strategic planning for American Health Group. He has also assembled a world-class team of proven executive talent to take American Health Group's value proposition into its next phase of national growth.

  Steven Bronder
Vice President, Operations

Steve Bronder began his career with American Health Group in 1991 as Director of Health Affairs. In 1996 he was promoted to Director of Operations, and promoted to Vice President of Operations in 1999. In his current capacity, Mr. Bronder is responsible for defining and coordinating all requirements for customer services provided by AHG. These responsibilities include design and implementation of customized benefit software solutions for clientele and continuous quality improvement for all internal processes and data reporting functions. Additional responsibilities include regulatory compliance with ERISA and HIPAA regulations, Department of Labor regulations, Sarbanes-Oxley legislation and successful completion of annual SAS-70 audits.

  Jon Eckles
Chief Technology Officer

Jon Eckles came to American Health Group in 1997 to assume responsibilities over the growing technology needs of the Company. His extensive experience in information systems includes stints with the US government, Zenith Data Systems and General Electric in support of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). In his role as Chief Technology Officer, he began the development of American Health Group's HMIS. He continues today to oversee all ongoing development, maintenance and enhancements to the HMIS product line.

  Kimberly Camp
Vice President, Client Relations

Since joining American Health Group in 1999, Kimberly Camp has developed and implemented American Health Group's Customer Service and Human Resource capabilities along with several other departmental programs and service protocols. In the key area of customer satisfaction, she was a major architect of the Company's award winning "Spirit of Excellence" program, which provides customers with unparalleled customer service. Ms. Camp's prior corporate experience includes Total Quality Management (TQM) initiatives, human resource development which included recruiting and training, sales management and customer service management for a national cellular phone company and also for a regional HMO organization. Ms.Camp's cellular phone experience provided her expertise in TQM assessment based on the Malcolm Baldridge Award criteria and her HMO experience included active involvement with the National Committee of Quality Assurance (NCQA) certification.

  Mark Gallagher, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer

Mark Gallagher, M.D. joined American Health Group in 1994. As Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gallagher has responsibility for quality assurance oversight on all AHG clinical decisions. A board certified specialist in Internal Medicine, Dr. Gallagher maintains a large clinical practice in Toledo, Ohio. As AHG's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Gallagher is involved in the design and development of medical protocols involving outpatient care. He also oversees AHG's utilization management program and is responsible for medical decisions on pathways of care.

  Jan Bosserman, D.D.S.
Chief Dental Officer

Jan Bosserman, D.D.S. joined American Health Group in 1998. As Chief Dental Officer, Dr. Bosserman is responsible for the design and development of dental protocols involving patient care. Dr. Bosserman oversees AHG's dental review program and is also responsible for decisions on pathways of care. He is currently a member of the American Dental Society as well as an active member of the Academy of General Dentistry. In addition to his duties at American Health Group, Dr. Bosserman remains clinically active, maintaining a large, private practice in general dentistry.

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